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Microsoft Windows 2000

These instructions provide a step-by-step guide to help you get set up in Windows 2000 (Professional, Server, or Advanced Server editions) to connect to NETPLEX.  This also shows you how to connect for the first time and disconnect when you're finished to get you started. 

Below, we also show you how to make it easy to connect from your Windows Desktop, and how to disconnect when you're through using the Internet.

Step One:
In your Windows Start Menu, go to Settings and select Network and Dial-Up Connections as shown here.

Go to Network and Dial-Up Connections

Step Two:
Double-click on the Make New Connection icon located in this folder.

Network and DUN Connections Window

Step Three:
Select Dial-Up to the Internet from the options presented to you in the wizard.  Then, click Next.

This is where you select the connection type

Step Four:
Choose to connect by using your phone line when prompted.  Then, click Next.

Connect using your phone line, for modem users

Step Five:
Once inside the Internet Connection Wizard, enter the local access number you wish to dial into.

When you're finished filling in this screen, click the Advanced button.

Enter the dial-up number you're going to use and then click Advanced

Step Six:
After clicking the Advanced button, an Advanced Connection Properties dialog will come up.

On the Connection tab, ensure that PPP is selected, and that you put a check in the box that says Disable LCP Extensions.

Advanced Connection Properties (Connection Tab)

Step Seven:
Then, Select ISP automatically provides IP address and DNS server address.

Advanced Connection Properties (Advanced Tab)

When finished, click OK to get back to the phone number box.  Then, click Next.

Step Eight:
Enter the username and password you were assigned to connect to NETPLEX.  These will be all lower-case letters, please make sure that the Caps Lock light is off on your keyboard to ensure you're typing this correctly. When finished, click Next

Enter your username and password

You'll then be prompted to give this connection a name. Type in NETPLEX for the name of this connection.

Step Nine:
Save this configuration and complete the process by clicking the Finish button once you've Reached this Part.

Complete Configuration

Step Ten:
You'll notice a NETPLEX icon now appears in the Network and Dial-Up Connections folder.  You can use this directly to get connected by double-clicking on it, or to make it easier, you can create a "shortcut" to it from your desktop.  Here's how:

Right-click on the icon to make a menu of options pop up.  Select Create Shortcut from this menu.  This will prompt you to let Windows know if you would like a shortcut placed on the desktop.  When asked, click Yes.

An icon, such as the one shown here will appear on your desktop.  To connect to NETPLEX, just double-click on it.

If you've come this far, you have successfully finished setting up your Microsoft Windows 2000 computer to connect to NETPLEX!  

Here's some more information to help you learn what to do next...

Getting Connected:
Once you open that shortcut from your desktop, you'll see this screen prompt you, verifying the number, and giving you the option to change properties, cancel, or dial right up.  To connect, simply click Dial.

Connect to Hawk Communications

Windows will let you know that you're connected, and at this point, it's up to you what you do next. 

Once this far, you can use any Internet application you like.  For example, you might choose to go browsing on the Web using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, or read your e-mail by using Outlook Express or Netscape Messenger.

Disconnecting from The Internet:
When you're done and would like to disconnect form NETPLEX, you can simply right-click on the Connection Status icon in your System Tray (the area with the small icons by your clock).  When you do that, a menu will pop up allowing you to disconnect from right there.

Right-click this icon to disconnect

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