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September 2007

NETPLEX has moved to a new location, this will not effect your service in any way. Our new mailing address is:

85 Gillett Street
Hartford, CT 06105

February 2007

NETPLEX is now automatically deleting messages which are older than seven days from our users' Spam and Trash folders that are stored on our servers. This will only affect users who access their e-mail via IMAP or our WebMail system. Any users that currently have Spam or Trash folders stored on our server will receive a message informing them of the new policy. If you have any questions or comments regarding this new policy you can send a message to support@netplex.net.

November 2006

The following article states that spam has increased by 30% in the last two months. It says the increase is due to bot nets (networks of infected PCs running Microsoft software). http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/10/31/botnet_spam_surge/

We are making every effort to reduce spam but it is a fine line between filtering as much spam as possible and not filtering out valid messages that we try to balance.

We've been staying ahead of the curve on the spam issue. Many of the spam messages being sent are not filterable by conventional spam filters. They contain random text and an image. They are starting to even add random junk to the images. Our new greylist filter eliminates many of those types of messages but not all.

If any of our customers receive more than one copy of a particular message they can forward the entire message including ALL header information to support@netplex.net and we may be able to either filter messages with similar content or at least block the server/infected computer that sent the message.

August 2006

NETPLEX has added "greylisting" to all of our mail servers. This is a new SPAM blocking feature that will reduce SPAM by about 90% without loosing vaild e-mail messages. Some messages may be delayed by a few minutes but they will not be lost by our servers.

Be default this new feature is enabled for all NETPLEX e-mail customers.

Customers using NETPLEX e-mail accounts may individually disable this feature per e-mail account from the standard User Services page.

MailScan and DomainMail cutomers may disable this feature per domain from their standard administrative web page.


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