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ANNOUNCING NETPLEX Photo Gallery Service
Included with all NETPLEX services.

Call 888.NETPLEX to activate your photo gallery
download instructions

Easily upload pictures to your own NETPLEX-hosted photo gallery for personal use or for sharing with family & friends!

• easily upload your photos from your computer
• access your photos on the web anytime, from anywhere
• photos are automatically “thumbnailed” (resized for faster web
browsing), but can still be viewed full-size
• rotate a photo with a single click
• add captions to your photos
• organize your photos into albums or sub-albums
• albums can be private, for your eyes only, or publicly viewable
• create slideshows of your photos
• print your photos through Shutterfly, EZ Prints, and others
• 500 MB (Megabytes) of photo storage included with any NETPLEX
internet access service

Why use NETPLEX’s Hosted Photo Gallery Service?

• easy to use
• requires no maintenance
• we store your photos for you, protecting them from viruses and accidental loss

Call 888.NETPLEX today to activate your photo gallery
download instructions

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