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Domain E-mail

$16.00/mo. (includes 12 e-mail boxes)
+ $.50 for additional mailboxes

Service Includes:

* POP3, IMAP or web-based e-mail access
* Virus scanning (inbound and outbound)
* SPAM filtering (user adjustable)
* Mail forwarding
* Mail aliasing
* Vacation messaging
* Customer can add/remove mailboxes at any time

Service Prerequisites:

• Own your domain name
• DNS or MX must point to NETPLEX

Service Notes: NETPLEX assumes no responsibility for the creation or management of the individual e-mail accounts. NETPLEX will not accept tech support calls from individual mailbox holders as this is the responsibility of the e-mail administrator(s).

For more Domain E-mail information
please contact

or call 860-233-1111

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