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For new customers, before you sign up for ADSL, make sure:

1. You have an active and working Frontier local landline. If you are not sure about availability call 888-638-7539 or email billing@netplex.net with the number you are inquiring about.
2. If you own a modem already, check our equipment section for compatibility.
3. Make sure your system meets the following requirements.
4. Choose a NETPLEX ADSL package that is right for you.

Note: All fields must be completed unless it is marked optional. It will take 5-10 business days from the time you submit this form to the time your new NETPLEX ADSL service will be active.

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* Requires a Frontier landline.
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Physical location of the phone line to be used for ADSL.
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Please complete the CAPTCHA below, review the information in the next section, then click the 'Sign Up For NETPLEX' button so your order can be processed.

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